Saturday, January 15, 2011

Making Soap

Ok so that picture was taken in October no attention to that calendar. LOL!! This was my first batch of homemade lye soap. Notice no long sleeves? Not a good thing! Everything is covered but my arms. This very first batch taught me real fast to use long sleeves. Oh and also "DO NOT" take your gloves off and touch the glove that has soap splashed on it! I have no fingerprint on my right hand. But its just one finger so I have been very careful since. That first batch has turned into a million slabs of soap. (Okay I may be exaggerating on the million but it feels like it) The first batches were hot process soap which is so much different than the cold process. I will explain more later on this topic. Right now I am headed to bed. Its been another soap day for me!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here I am again!!

It is day two and I am still around. I think that its cold outside!! Brrr.....!!! Of course we have a woodstove and for some reason I have it cranked up so I am sitting here sweating wondering how I am going to sleep. Hmmm.....maybe I will turn the air!!! Not much going on around here today I worked and came home! After tomorrow I work and am off for 4 days!!! I will be making soap!!! Well I will check back in tomorrow!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gosh its been a long time!!!!

You know this is just crazy for me to think I could keep a blog up, work 36 hours a week at the job that pays me, plant and harvest veggies, sell them, sell plants and ya know what that's not the half of it. My mom always said, "Watch out Arlene Time Flys!". And you know what? It does!!! It just a shame!!! I have not only taken on a new project I have also become obsessed with it!!!! I make handmade soap now...yep...lye soap just like mom always made...well that is until Ivory came out then she would get some money together to buy the Ivory. My passion has gone to the point that people really love it and they return for more!! The picture above is one of my favorite, oh heck they are all my favorite!!! It is, "Green Ocean Mist". It is sitting tucked away waiting to make its grand entrance in another week or so. So if some of you wonder where I have been...just take a look. I have been soaping! Please check out my sites and let me know what you think. I promise there is more where that came from. So I sure hope I can get in here more often.......opps did I mention that I travel to Craft Fairs around my area? Yep love them and love the people I meet. Well I am beat for the day so off I go to prop my feet up and dream of soap.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yesterday was very interesting.

I worked here at my home yesterday. My husband put signs up for me and I had a plant sale. I was so happy to see a lot of people here at once. Actually kinda scared me at first. So that feeling passed fast. I was busy cleaning out the cold frame. There were several of my plants that did not make it for some reason or another. And at the same time talking with many people that came buy and bought stuff. So after all that was over I got myself cleaned up and went outside by the pond to get some, "me" time. The toads and frogs were singing and signing. Finally got a picture of one when he was blown up. What a site to see. Look at the way those eyes are. Fantastic!! Then I had to take a picture of my pond.

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