Saturday, January 15, 2011

Making Soap

Ok so that picture was taken in October no attention to that calendar. LOL!! This was my first batch of homemade lye soap. Notice no long sleeves? Not a good thing! Everything is covered but my arms. This very first batch taught me real fast to use long sleeves. Oh and also "DO NOT" take your gloves off and touch the glove that has soap splashed on it! I have no fingerprint on my right hand. But its just one finger so I have been very careful since. That first batch has turned into a million slabs of soap. (Okay I may be exaggerating on the million but it feels like it) The first batches were hot process soap which is so much different than the cold process. I will explain more later on this topic. Right now I am headed to bed. Its been another soap day for me!

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