Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday July 18th, 2009

Its Saturday , yeah!!!! I slept in today and enjoyed every second of it!!! When I got home last night from work one of my cats (Baby Girl) was all stuffed up! She has a megacolon. Yep and she is mess if we forget to take the time to check her. We now know how to give her enemas And what medicines to give her. So that took a lot of effort after 12 hours of the paying job. Poor Baby!! Today I transplanted a couple flowers that were not doing well at all where they were. I think they needed more sun so I put them where they can get sun!! We are swimming in cucumbers. Anyone want one or two or three!!?? Imowes the lawn trimmed the edges and went to the pharmency to pick a few items up. Keith is still on vacation so he went with me! He is wokring on the house. Painting it!! It does look good!! But that does not make up for ruining the flowers!! I alos made a present for one of the gals at the GetaWay this year!! Not sure who its for though!! We are suppose to draw names when we get there. I am excited!!

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