Saturday, August 29, 2009

A day in my life!

Well today has really not been too bad. My husband tore the windows out in the mudd room which I wasnot expecting it to be such a mess!! So I ended up staying home because of this. I was in the gardens most of the day with pen and paper in hand making a list of things that need done before winter,I am on page three. But I love the work and love nature so I plow on!! I was in upset about seeing the "stink bugs" come out again! I was so hoping that they would be gone this year. I even saw a green on on one of the flowers!! Gesh!! The hummers were flying around probably mapping out there path for winter. It is suppose to be getting chilly soon! Now I know winter has to happen but..........I better go for now prior to being so negative about the cold. Actually the cold isn't too bad its my bones that can not stand it!!! Do not forget my give away !!!

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