Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have been so busy today!!! Got up early to take my 2 girls to the Vet for shots. Came home headed outside and dug up some plants that I sold and delivered some and mailed some. Headed to the car wash an dgot my truck detailed. I ordered 2 signs for my truck for my business and wanted the truck to look pretty when it they come in!! I went to Pet Smart and got some prescription cat food for Jo!! Can you believe it? No doc has to see him but I have to have a prescription!! Hmmmm.....its a head scratcher for me!! Anyone else? Jo has to eat the Roayl Caine HE for Sensitive stomachs!! Gesh!! But ya know what it has helped him along witht he FortiFLora that we give him!!! No more poops for him!! I love that big ole boy!!

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