Monday, September 28, 2009

Windy day and night!

Gosh today has went fast!!! Well actually in 15 minutes it will be  12 midnight! The wind is howling and I can see the moon is waxing away up there. Life is good here for the moment. I picked a few flowers mostly hostas up today and have to seperate and get them in the ground soon! Spring will be back before I know it! My sister gave me several plants and tons of bulbs (August Lilys) she had to change a few flower beds and I got the left overs.! I have been a very busy woman today!! I transplanted a couple house plants this morning. I always do that in the fall after they have been outside all spring and summer. If not I seem to end up with some creatures in here that do not need to be in here with us. Usually ants! So got more of that to do then I will have all my babies inside!! Well gotta get some sleep will be busy  tomorrow!!

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Callie said...

Thanks for reminding me... I have a couple of spider plants I need to dig up and pot. They are survivors. They showed up in a spot where I had dumped cuttings and dead leaves. Surprise!

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