Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is it over?

Well Christmas has come and went here in West Virginia. I love this time of year....well except for the cold. It really effects my old bones. But I do what I need to do for that. My husband and I had a great year this year despite all the awful things that are happening to people with their jobs and homes. We have been very lucky. I am gratful for that. As the year wines down I am sure reflecting back. Last year at this time we did not have snow. I did not have stink bugs in my house. My truck was not paid off yet. I weighed almost 25 pounds more than now. Well its changed my truck is paid off. I weigh about 20 pounds lighter (to many peanut butter balls) we have lots of snow. But I have stink bugs....actually I think there are more this year than last year. But thats my battle. I sure hope everyone has had a great holiday and enjoyed your time off work or play or whatever you do. I know I have had a good time. The picture you see is my sister and I at her home today. I am the one on the right. See that extra five pounds?

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