Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a lazy blooger I am!!

Well for goodness sake its not like things have not been going on in my small little life. I just have been so busy promoting my flowers and bulbs and seeds that I have not had a chance to get in here. I did have a little run on Christmas presents that men have been ordering. I find that amusing for some reason. Now not that men do not know what to order their ladies but just funny!! Lets see my husband bought me a "point and click" camera! I have been wanting one for years. I am now the owner of a "Canon Power Shot SD780IS" and I love it!!! Oh and its red. I bought myself a carry case today!! Love it also. So I will have to start posting a few extra pics. I am almost ready for Christmas and feel so peaceful at this moment it is almost scary. Oh do not worry I am going to enjoy this time. In fact I think I need a cup of Gentle Breez tea. So off I go for now to get some tea and relax!! The picture is Phoebe. She is my English Springer Spaniel and she is 10 years old. She also hates her picture taken in fact right now she is upstairs because I was looking at my camera. But anyway she saw a squirrel and I picked the camera up and got that shot prior to her seeing me! Gosh I love her!!

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