Monday, January 11, 2010

My cat Patches

I know that I have mentioned to you all about my cats and how I have a lot of them. Plus one dog Phoebe!! Of course I have. My cat Patches was given to me 19 1/2 years ago by a Romance writer. And of course it was Nora Roberts from Keedysville, MD. I worked at a place that they had a convention in and she or someone she was with had kittens and along came Patches. Her and I have been to the moon and back with each other. Well she drew her last breath yesterday afternoon while I was at work. When I left for work I knew it was time. She was telling me goodbye when she nipped my finger when I tried to move her to a more comfortable position. I always said that she would bite me prior to her passing. So this post is for her and all she gave me and all I gave her. She survived with me and I survived with her. Rest In Peace My Dear.


Ruth Kenney said...

I'm so sorry Oakie. ♥

Kritter Keeper said...

ahhh, i am so sorry! what a beautiful baby! 19 plus years is good though

Arlene said...

Thanks gals!

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