Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Ready for Vacation

Hello: I just got settled in and am getting ready for bed!! That job that pays me money needs me to work in the am. Only 2 more days then i am on vacation!!! I am so looking forward to this one!! Headed to St Louis then Kentucky! It will be so much fun!! I have been blessed with several women in my life. We all get together once a year!! It's much fun!!! Well as far as flowers and the gardens go mine is in full bloom! Even the August lily's are up!! They are earlier this year than last. Usually other stuff in front of them has died and you can see them but not this year!! I just happen to spread some of the loose strife and there they were!! Surprise!!! The flower that I posted for today is the end of the Black Berry lily!! It is so delicate!! What you are seeing is the berries that fall to the ground and reseed!

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