Monday, July 27, 2009

Hi all:: I had off work today and just relaxed and watch the birds and listened to my neighbor Bill holler and cuss his lawn mower. Bill is a nice man and he has a wife named Rose. Bill is a Vietnam Vet and he lets you know it too!! He would do anything for a person. I love it when he is out there screaming "SLOW DOWN" at the cars that fly by!! He does get their attention. He called today and told me he was on the internet on the radio and I could not find it!! I guess I will have to send him an email and get him to send me the link. The hummers were everywhere today! I cleaned out some sedum out of a few of the upper flower beds and they look so nice right now!! The deer have been around they got a few of the hostas. I guess they need something to eat too!! But I wish they would eat somewhere else!! I am slowly getting ready for my trip to Kentucky!!! I get to meet the lady that started a fantastic group that I am a member of!! She also has the Blog Kentucky Farm Girl!! So Darla watch out because West Virginia is on the way !!!


KentuckyFarmGirl said...

I am so ready to give you a big ole KY hug Oakie! Just 9 more days!

Arlene said...

OMGAWD I have to pack!!!! I am ready to see you too and give you a hug!!! This is the big one Darla the GetaWay of all GetaWays!!!

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