Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday July 11th

We went to Dulles Airport today and man was that ever a trip!! Keith gave me directions and I drove! We did not get lost but he pointed a finger or two at me!! LOL!! Anyway men and driving with them, eh! We stopped to get something to eat and then came home a longer route. It started raining and storming so hard if I would of been driving I would of had a heart attack! Actually I would of pulled over and waited!! But he drove on and we are home!!! Today has been a good day!!! The plants outside got a good watering and thats all that matters to me right now!! I have to get some new pics in here so I better go get the camera and unload it!! You all are the greatest!!


KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Love that frog Oakie! Love the new blog too! I see Phoebe down there sneaking around!

Arlene said...

Thank you so much DB!!!

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