Friday, July 10, 2009


I am so glad that my day is over!!! My job that pays me money was terrible today! I feel sometimes like I can not handle it and then other times I can so I am confused!! I wonder if thats why I love nature so much its so quiet and there is no PHONE ringing and people wanting your blood!! LOL!! But again it is the one that makes me money so I need to hold onto it! Well at least for a few more years!

My dog Phoebe is laying at my feet snoring so loud that I had to tell her to hush!! The pic is of her running from me, she hates cameras! I could not think!! I have Jackie on my lap, Baby Girl looking for a moth and the two boys sleeping somewhere in here!! Keith is in the mud room smoking!! Which maybe one day he will quit. And now I am getting very sleepy so I better go to bed!! Nite all!!

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