Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9th

Been real busy working at that place that give me money and also working here in the gardens that gives me joy. I was out there this evening and Grey Stroke one of my outside cats was just carrying on so I went and looked and the neighbor cat, a beautiful long tailed yellow cat with a cute collar!! They decided they wanted to fight so I stood and watched their interactions for a couple minutes. I could not handle all that noise anymore so I had to get in the middle of it and the yellow cat ran back home. Grey Stroke went to the back porch and sat waiting for the next attack after I go to bed! I swear I love my animals because there are days that I need hugs from them more than I need hugs from people!! Well long day and I need to sleep!! The job that pays me is expecting me in the am at 7!! Nite All!!!

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