Friday, August 14, 2009

Day two of the Slugfest

Hi all: We got up kinda early to get going to Kentucky we got a free breakfast and it was delicious!! Lets see on day 2 of the GetaWay Glenda, Dawn, Mazda and I went to get our rental car to head to Kentucky. See we had decided to meet in St Louise because it was cheaper for the Canadians. I am clue less as to why but actually never asked. Just knew I was going to be with them for 7 days!! (Or as my friend Mazda was saying: This is going to be a looooog seven days) dang ole hussy! I have been doing this for 5 years now and I tell you its the best part of my year! Anyway back to the story. We started out by arguing as to wither the Tom Tom worked or not. That peed me off so I told them where to go in a hand basket and then they listened to the Tom Tom. Mazda kept checking in on her maps on her "new" phone and Dawn checked her paper map and every now and then I would here them say, "I do not think that's the right way. Then the driver which was Glenda (she likes that control part) would here them and start to panic. I kept telling them my Tom Tom got me to the airport it will get us to Kentucky dang ole hussies were driving me nuts by then!! (It was going to be a long seven days!) So we saw a WalMart.........worst place to stop in the world for us!! We were still in Missouri and I guess we thought Kentucky did not have any water, clothes, beer or wine. Oh and I was looking for a new suitcase because mine broke on the way down. We were in there forever!! I never got a suitcase so you know we had to stop at another one but then we just kept going . Then on the road again and the argue over the TomTom started again!!! We had to make lots of stops like the one at Cracker Barrel see there may not have been any store in Kentucky to shop! LOL!! We ate some where and I am not even sure where at this point its still kind of a blur. So off we went again and again!! The estimated time to get there was 3 hours we arrived in Dirt Bunny's (Yep I said Dirt Bunny Her name is Darla for real) driveway which yes was in the boonies!! But it was just like the all the pics she had posted on our special board. When I saw this young lady I was so amazed and I knew that there was yet another best friend for life! I had feelings of so much joy at that point. Her and her husband Joe and her kids J and L what a family. It took me back in time when I was a little girl and my family was all well and we did things like raise chickens and goats. And my heart swelled at that point and I felt I was home.


Linda Stubbs said...

I will share some with you!!Let me know if you want some.

Arlene said...

Thank you Linda for wanting to share with me!! I have too much to do now!!

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