Sunday, August 16, 2009

More adventures in Kentucky

I really must say that I have worked the past two days 12 hours each day so I have not had time to get in here! On with the adventure!! We were all so glad to see this young lady and her family it was so emotional and funny and just down home feelings. It was like meeting your old friend for the first time!! LOL!! I think Darla had said that when we meet. We strolled around to the barn and saw the goats and chickens and guineas the dog and I think I heard a kitten in the attic of the little barn. Then we saw Dirt Cat. Now he is a cutie!! Of course I am so in love with cats (I have 6 of my own!) Her is a pic of one of the Goats!!! Not sure of her name but look at her ain't she so cute? This little farm in Kentucky had so many adventures and things to see it would take all the rest of this year to even tell you all everything!! I am working on it though. Have patience!! I am wore out tonight so I will leave you with this, "Always do good things for everyone no matter what or how you may feel."

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KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Hi Oakie! We didn't even get started! We didn't make it to the pond or the tire swing LOL! I have thought of a thousand things I wish I had shown you all. That goat is Nellie...don't tell her but she's spoiled! We should have baby goats in about 3 weeks!! Yep you heard kittens in the barn loft...3 to be exact. They are downstairs sneaking momma's food now and they are so cute.

I wish were all still here!

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