Saturday, August 1, 2009

First full day of vacation! I loved today. I am making lists and checking them twice. My trip to Kentucky starts on Wednesday (that's this coming Wednesday!) I got up and enjoyed my coffee at my pond while the fish ate and Phoebe roamed around the yard looking for a place to poop! LOL!! Of course the best part is I was upwind!! LOL!! After that big event I got ready to go into town for some supplies. I needed one more thing for my craft gift for Kentucky. Got that went to Bed Bath and Beyond (gosh I love that store)
found what I wanted to get there and came home. Then the fun began!!! I changed into my outside clothes and went to my lower garden and started pulling weeds and that is when I am in heaven. I was looking for a yellow flower I promised someone and I still have not found it!! LOL!! Funny part about it I marked it with a piece of bamboo and now I have a bunch of bamboo in the gardens and can not find that flower at all!! Oh well if it wants to go with me to Kentucky it better raise its head up soon!! Okay off I go to get into something else!!

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