Sunday, August 2, 2009


I kept trying to get a title for today and could not come up with a dang thing! So "stuff" will have to do. I went to the Country Store in Winchester to get a few things for my trip. I love that store. I ended up buying "stuff" for me and not my friends!! LOL!! So I guess that just an excuse to go back tomorrow! As I was coming home a big storm started brewing so I rushed to get home to give my Phoebe some benadryl. It is the only thing that settles her down when a storm or firecrackers is within earshot of her. Poor baby gets so nuts if she does not have the medication that she goes into a panic mode. And of course right now its not storming and she is sleeping. It is really hard to get pics of her because of this. But Phoebe was with me right by my side when my husband was in Iraq. So she is the most special dog I have ever had. Right now she is 10 years old and she acts like I do at the end of our day. When we sit down its a little harder to get up and we both take medication for it. So her and I are joined at the hip!!! When I go away this week I will really miss her a lot and yes of course I will call and talk to her on the phone!! LOL!!

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