Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mother Nature is Grand!!

The pictures are Jo, Bandit, Grey Stroke which is an in and out cat, Baby Girl and Jackie!
Hello!!! I can say that today was so good! Of course being off work makes it good anyway! I had my coffee by the pond then came in the house and started laundry! I hate doing housework!! But I wanted to get that done prior to being off the weekend. You see my theory is do the stuff you hate doing and then have fun. My husband is so much different than me. Maybe that's why we get a long so well. But lets get back to my day! I had to get new cat collar's for all the four Manx's the ones they had on was worn out. My babies go outside with us and we always have them on just in case one runs away while we are not looking! And then outside we went. I sat in my chair sipping a tall glass of green tea and watched them. What a joy to be able to watch them. My boys are rescue kitties and they had a horrible beginning life. They came from a bunch of great ladies that rescued them from a breeder that just went wild. My boys are still very afraid of certain things like sudden moves, certain tones in the voice. But they now have a life that they deserve. They walk with me and we go into my gardens and sit. Jo is still very afraid to come off the porch but his brother Bandit is a roamer! Then of course Baby Girl and Jackie that we have had since they were 7 months old. We got them from reputable breeder from Pennsylvania. We all have had a great day!!

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