Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My morning rush!

Well here I am and its 10:30pm and I am sitting here thinking about my day and how it started and how it has ended. When I got up this morning to get ready for work I got my coffee and headed out to my pond to observe and see what Mother Nature has done while I was asleep. I sat down on my bench (without looking of course) and it was wet so I thought hmmmm...gotta shower anyway so I stayed put. Phoebe was running around like a nut to find a place to poop and along came Grey Stroke (my only outside cat) he hopped up on the bench with me and I checked his side to see if it was swollen,(he had another cat scratch him about a week ago)it was not swollen like before so I gave him a break and left him be. He got his morning hugs, Phoebe pooped so all was right in my small and sometimes weird world. So I got up had wet pants headed into the house but before I got in the door a hummingbird flew almost into me and that made my day go so much faster and so much better than the previous days.

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