Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Awwwww......much better!

Oh dear after reading the post I made yesterday it makes today look really good. Thanks for thinking about me and wondering if things got better. Well as some of you know and some don't I am about 6 years to retirement. That is if nothing happens and we get this house paid off. Time will fly though I just know it I have hope. Well today was much better. Lets see except the front door to the place that pays me. The phone broke. Now for those that do not know I work on a Psych Unit. Gotta have them locked doors! Well my front door has a telephone that the family members and or docs or whomever comes to our Unit pick it up and announce who they are and why they are at the door. When you have no way to communicate thru a 12 inch steel door and you are sitting behind bullet proof glass (I do not think its really bullet proof it just sounded good to say) and you can not hear them and they can not hear you it is not a good thing. So every 5 minutes I was up out of the chair (gosh that chair felt good today also) and go to the door to let people in. We have a buzzer that opens the door but it really doesn't make a noise. Gesh that makes no sense at all!! But the phone techs made it down within 4 hours and things got better. And the best part is I got some exercise!! LOL!! When I got home and looked at all the dried grass (we need rain bad here in West Virginia) I watered my flowers and they look so alive and ready for the sun tomorrow! Kind of like I feel right now!! Alive and getting ready for tomorrow.


Callie said...

Glad things are better today. Lovely yellow flowers.

Arlene said...

Thanks Callie!!!

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