Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here it is Tuesday Night

Today was overcast but no rain. It is so dry outside that when I mowed I had to put a mask on. Pretty bad huh? Other than that I took the marigolds out of my husband now dead veggie garden, well except for the tomatoes! I put them in pots on the porch and they look real good. I will have to get a picture of them soon. I took all my cats outside for a walk. Jo still will not go off the porch and I guess that's a good thing. He is my little tubby boy. I love them all. We came back in and I worked on my website and printed some photos and put them in a photo book I got from the GetaWay in Kentucky. I am now going to carry it with me because everyone wants to see what I have for sale. Gotta keep things going !! I want to retire real soon!!! Well 5 or 6 years anyway!! Well gotta go for now my bed awaits me! BTW the picture is Baby Girl!! Ain't she cute!!

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Elle Bee said...

What a cutie your little kitty is. Our garden is mostly dead too, except the tomatoes! Goodbye summer!

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