Thursday, September 10, 2009

No rain and I have even did the Rain Dance!

Good evening my friends out there in blog land! I worked hard today at the place that pays me then came home and played in the gardens. No rain here so I had to water the gardens. Things sure are drying up fast. Also the leaves are falling from the Walnut trees. I have this really dirty pond that needs cleaned and that will have to wait until Saturday. Fall is right around the corner. I have a really huge list of things to do and am trying to scratch one off a day. Hmmmm.............okay so write in blog is scratched off!!! Catch you later!!!

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Callie said...

I finally broke down and went and watered the wilted myrtle along the driveway for the second time this year. Hope it can hold out until the rains come. It is so dry here in the summer that I try and keep to plants that can survive on their own.

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