Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well for Goodness Sake

Today was another 12 hour day at the place that pays me to show up!! Anyway I finished that place and am home! The moon coming home was so beautiful and bright. Last night it was completley full and white looking tonight it was full (98%) and a little on the orange side. Awww...Fall is on the way! My mind is set with a few things I need to do tomorrow. One of my friends is having a yard sale and she said she had some pots for me so you know I am going there. I may even take Phoebe!! Then home and scratch something off my list. Like getting into the pond and cleaning and digging around in it to see what has landed in it that should not be there!Leaves are falling from the walnut trees and it looks like a yard with a golden blanket! There is nothing in this world to me greater than nature!

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Callie said...

I'm happy to be able to visit your garden. Makes up for my garden not having any flowers. Great photos! Thanks and thanks for commenting on my blog.

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