Friday, September 4, 2009

Work at Home vs Work

As I sit here and look at that title I wonder what the heck am I going to say about that and how did I come up with it. Hmmmm.......must be because I have to work all weekend so this is my Sunday night. (Still with me on this one?) Anyway these past couple days have been great. I poted some of my inside flowers in nice fresh dirt and brought them inside. Still have a lot of them to do but the few delicate ones I have are in here. I still have the Passion Flower to get in though. Crap I just thought of that one as I was typing this. I am in Zone 7 so it would be way to cold for it to stay outside and you all know how I have fallen in love with it. I have a Night Blooming Cereus that has never bloomed but I am patiently waiting, its only about 5 years old now. Anyone know any secrets to getting it to bloom? I know I water it way to much and transplate it to often. I promise I will not do that this year. I also laid out some plans for planting in the Spring. Went to a neighbors to see if she had some horse poo and she does (plenty actually) so I will be getting that next weekend. Oh boy!!! Well now that all of that's off my chest I have to think about the job that pays me money!! Crap I am going to bed!!!

Congrats to "Country Girl" for winning my first giveaway!!

I will be having another soon!!! So pass the word around!


Sandy said...

The little time I've had to look through, I like your blog a lot, newsy posts, beautiful flowers, etc. I will definitely come back. thanks for visiting mine.

Arlene said...

Your welcome Sandy!!!! I love nature and everything it does for us!!

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