Monday, October 12, 2009

I have been very busy!

And believe me it has not been a pretty site!! If only I would of thought to grab my camera!! noooo.................I did not want pictures of what I have been doing and seeing!!! Yes I know that bugs are essential for nature and they all have a purpose! But I can not for the life of me think of WHY the "StinkBug" would have a purpose except to bother me this year. Here goes the story of this nasty little bugger!! I had worked several days in a row and had no time at all to clean or vacumn upstairs in the lofe which is where we sleep. I lvoe this house! Anyway I saw a couple of the bugs and killed them (sorry bug lovers) then started cleaning and dusting and ripping bedclothes off to put more on. When all of a sudden I thought hmmmmm.......there sure seems to be a lot of those bugs here with me. I went to Phoebe's side of the bed on the floor and lifted up her bed to wash it and lined all along the wall is the stinkers!! Ewwwww.............I grabbed the vacumn and sucked them up and then started to change the bed again and I thought....hmmmmm............I picked up the mattress and under the farken mattress was the bugs!!! It looked like they had a city built!! I screamed for my husband and he came and he could not believe it either. He held the mattress up and I vacumned at least 100 or more of them!! Gesh no wonder my allergies have been bad!! By this time I got the ant and roach spray got the cats all in a different room and sprayed all along the cracks in the floor area!! And around the windows!! Then I said to myself my work is done here. I came back around an hour later and finished vacumning the dead ones and of course a few live ones up!! I had thrown all the sheets into the washer and got them out to put in the dryer. Do you know how tough these farken bugs are? There was several in my washer still alive! aaaaa................................................I am going to lose it!! So I settled down and later when I was headed to bed I looked around and picked the mattress up and checked all those place and went to bed with terrible dreams of them!! When I got up I felt I may be able to make it thru the day. Guess what? I was chilly and I keep my winter clothes (it is getting chilly here in West Virignia) so I grabbed a nice sweater out to put on and yep...................they were in my closet!! In my clothes and now I am crying!! Oh did I mention that all the pictures in my bedroom was infested also? Yep I have no pictures in there now! So I was just dieing here!! My husband heard me and got worried that maybe I had finally lost what was left of my mind!! He calmed me down and we cleaned the clothes out and got them all washed and they are all now in a vacumn bag. If they get in there I am burning this house to the ground!! Well not really but tempting!! Needless to say I will be calling an exterminator tomorrow!! Of course they were not working today it was a holiday!! Hey I had to work!!! So thats my story about the stink bugs and how they have driven my insane!!


Callie said...

Hope the exterminator will be able to get rid of the stink bugs once and for all. That must have been terrible finding all those bugs. Ick! Hope you are doing ok now.

Sandy said...

OH wow, I would have freaked out big time!! I feel for ya. It's amazing how these and other things can get in the house and start building their houses and we don't even know it. I was having a problem with mice in my bedroom of all places for awhile, and one died behind where the TV sits and I didn't know it until I began smelling it. They also die in the walls, oh Gawd!!!!!!

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