Monday, October 26, 2009

A real reality check!

As I sit here getting ready to write down whats happening in this corner of the world I have tears in my eyes. The tears are for a young woman I work with. She called me last night and wanted me to come to the hospital. She said something had happened to her husband. Floyd is 49 years old and is now brain dead. He is being kept on live support. At 9pm this evening they will discuss with all the family as to what to do and when to do it. Gayle (my friend) will be making the finally decision. I asked her if she wanted me there but thank goodness her mom an dad got there this afternoon.  So now its a waiting game. My hurt hurts for her and her family. So  my friends in blogville if you have a loved one tell them you love them and talk to each other about stuff. I have nothing else to say except this has been a reality check for me.


Andora said...

Arlene, I am so sorry about your friend and her family..I am glad she could lean on a good friend like you in her time of need...take care and I will say a prayer for your friend..

Sandy said...

Oh Arlene, this is too sad. I read the post above this one (latest) and see that they are taking him off life support. My prayers to the family.

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