Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things that can happen to us.

I have been running around in here wondering what to do and what to say. I am actually speechless today. There has been so many things happen in my life and the life of others in the past week that I have to just sit and let my jaw drop. I was reflecting back to when life seemed so much simpler. I guess I was more protected from so called bad things that happened to people. And today I wish I was back there again. You know some people make our lives complete and some make out lives crazy and some people just make us realize how human we really are. When I was a child life just seemed much simpler. Gesh I guess I am growing up! One of the best things that happened to me during my time off of work is burning my brush. Not necessarily the smoke I hate that or the pollution I hate that but just the fact that I was able to do it. It took me away from all that things happening around me to others. I watch that fire and made peace with the universe and wondered what life has in store for me. My work is laying people off and I sure would hate for that to happen to me. I saw an email from work that says they are transitioning 7 full time employees mostly nursing into the main hospital, ewww. I love Psych and would hate to leave! My flower business sucks only because I started it so late in the fall!! So I would hate to have to look for another job!! I know something is in my future that will make things better but for now I guess I just need to wallow in the mud until I stop whining!! So the next post I put in here will be a no whining post!!


Callie said...

Hope things work out for you the way you would like. Whining is ok. So is ranting. Sometimes you need to vent.

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Oakie gal how many times have I whined on your shoulder? Whine all you want, I know you have had a rough week. I love ya gal and you are an awesome woman and a great friend! Don't ever forget that.

Arlene said...

Thank you gals!!

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