Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thank Goodness its Sunday!

Well today was my second 12 hour shift for the weekend! I only do that every 3rd week!! It is so tiring. I can remember when those kind of shifts were a piece of cake. What the heck happened? Ole yeah I got older! But I can tell you all this I feel on a good day like I am 18 again. I am basically happy with my life and the people that are in it. My kitties are so pretty and they discover so many different things everyday. I am so glad we rescued them. It will be one year in a few weeks or so. And of course my dog Phoebe is such a doll even when she is bad.Well this has to be short and sweet I am ready for bed!! It is suppose to be really warm tomorrow and I am looking forward to that!! Garden work to finish up prior to the frost, snow and basically cold weather!! Nite all!


Callie said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in your garden tomorrow and enjoy every minute. Get some rest too! I hope I'm not posting this comment twice, but I can't tell if it went through the first time.

Shelley said...

A 12 hr shift is long! Hope you get some good rest and relaxation! I think gardening is wonderful for the soul!

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