Monday, November 2, 2009

Well back to work!

Okay so it has been a horrible week for a lot of people that surrounds me but its time to move on and get to work and make some money! I have made every excuse in the book to not make money!! Can you believe it? I am such a silly woman !! So today I went back to the job that pays me by the hour and it really was not to bad. Do not hold me to that after a week of being back!! LOL!! The only bad part about this job is I never work one shift. I think that screws with me!! But for now that is just the way it is!! I picked some pineapple sage today and curry and put it in a vase and took a little bit of my gardens with me. Made me feel better about things. So anyway here I am its 12:30am and I need to get some rest. So thanks to all of you that posted and also the ones that emailed me!! Thanks!! I needed it!!


Callie said...

Hope things get better for you this week. Having some of you garden with you was a great idea.

Arlene said...

Thanks Callie it work too by having some of my garden with me!! I sat ther last night and pinch a pineapple leaf and felt like i was in heaven.

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