Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well for Goodness Sake!

Does anyone ever wonder why we sit and wait for the weather man or woman to come on and tell us what it is going to be like on our days off? Silly isn't it? The reason I say that is yesterday like every other day I watched the news and weather and was so excited about the fact today was going to be 60-70 with lots of sunshine! Wrong!! Mother Nature has her own way and no weather man or woman is going to control her. It was cold and dreary her in WV and they are now saying tomorrow will be good and sunny and in the 60's! LOL!! Why am I listening to that? LOL!! I really love going to every bodies blogs and reading them and saying hey so off I go!!


Sandy said...

I would like to sit there for awhile, pretty area.

Well today we are suppose to get to 74. I hope so. Yesterday was cloudy and cold. And it is getting so cold at night, low 50's or maybe even lower.

take care and enjoy your beautiful weather, if you get it.

Callie said...

Nice place to sit and read a book and have a cup of tea.

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