Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Oh dear has it been that long since I have posted? Gesh I have been working the job that pays me way to much!! Full moons bring them out!! LOL!! I love my job even though you may here me complain about it!! I only complain so that I will feel better! My flower business on the side is doing fair, my animals are all great hmmmmm........well except for the dog that had the flu and decided to vomit everywhere in the house and stand at the door looking in when you get her out to do it! I swear as soon as I let her in she barfed again1! But she is fine now. I gave her white rice for two days and it cleared it right up. So you see my friends I have been busy. I had to shampoo the carpet, work 12 hours, cook and clean and oh I forgot my husband does help me do this stuff and that I am so gratful for. Now I need to start decorating for Christmas and work lots of hours this coming week at the job that pays me.

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Sandy said...

Well if you get a chance for a slow down, I hope you enjoy it.

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