Sunday, December 20, 2009

The day after the blizzard/snow storm.

Well it depends on which TV or radio station you are listening to . In my opion and forgive me but I am not a weather person but it was snow like when I was a child. Deep steady large flakes that fell and blew around and looked so beautiful when I got up. Reminded me of being a child. Gosh what a lot of great memories and odd things I remembered too. Kinda like my story on the bus that left me in the storm. I just looked outside at my pond which bt the way is full of snow and the pond lights are on under the snow. pretty....but...that only means one thing......last week I unplugged teh wrong cord. So when I finish writing this I will trek out into the snow (it's 10pm) and unplug the lights and plug the cord in that needed to stay plugged in......the pond heater. So off I go to do my duties as a good little garden, mother nature type I hear laughterin the back ground again?


Andora said...

We got a lot of snow to,and yes it was like when I was a child,love,love it...Have a good Christmas..

Cheryl said...

I would love to get a big snow. Sure looks like Christmas in your neck of the woods.

Merry Christmas!

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