Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow blowers and heated bird baths

do not mix!! LOL!! As I started to worry about how to get the dog out to pee without any effort on my part but soon learned that if I waited for my husband she would pee onthe floor and that was not happening. So I put my winter gear on and headed out the door to find the snow shovel. It was located beside the berries in a vase when I went to bed. Hmmmm....................see there it is. But when I went out the door to get it I could not find it. I wondered did someone come and taken it? Most of my neighbors are very honest people. So I walked towards the berries in a jar and.........there it was the snow had taken it not the neighbors. So anyway back to getting Phoebe out to pee. I shoveled and pushed and shoveled her a path and she finally could go pee. As you can tell I am not the greatest shoveler in the world. So she did her thing and left me and went back into the house. She hates cameras and snow so as she laid in the house enjoying the wood stove I shoveled out several things so my husband would not run over them with the snow plow. See I am a good wife! So I came in and started soup and was messing around when I heard a horrible bunch of cussing and it was not me. I ran to the window (I was nto going back outside) and almost laughed at what I saw then I realized the severity of it. My husband had ran over the electric cord that was under the snow and attached to the heater on the bird bath........see that beautiful Grackle enjoy a nice warm drink of water? Well check this one I get dressed and headed out to see what I could do........nothing said the man!!! The lectric cord was wrapped so tight in the snow blower it was almost laughable. But being the good wife I never said a word just came back in and took a couple more pictures. A few birds waited patiently for water..........some went to the pond and others just knew and had faith that he would fix it. So after a lot of words that I had never heard before (LOL) Off he went........and everyone waited for me to get my clothes back on and fix it. So off I went with my bucket of water. A new electric cord that I found in the building. I hooked it up from the pond plug in and put the water in. I swear I heard cheers in the background. So much more to come tomorrow or maybe later but I tell you all its still snowing here in West Virginia and my last measurement was 17 inches. It is a whopper for sure!!

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Cheryl said...

Oh my, what a mess you have. That's a lot of snow, but it's so pretty. Heated bird bath is such a wonderful ideal. Be safe and don't slide down. Stay warm!

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