Friday, January 29, 2010

A beautiful frozen day.

Everything outside is frozen solid. Well almost everything! The birds are hitting the feeders like its their last meal. Now I don't know about all of you but I go by what nature is telling me. Baby its cold outside. This morning I ran out of suet so decided to make a pine cone with  peanut butter and oats. So far I have not seen anyone on it but how could I if I am on this computer! LOL!! Here is a pic of the finally product. I forgot to take any while making it. Actually that may have been hard to do because my hands were coated with peanut butter. Notice the bird on the tiny piece of suet thats left? As I stood waiting for soemone to eat peanut butter I got bored and took pics of my inside stuff! Nothing like Paper Whites to cheer you up. Oh and also Amaryllis Plant. So beautiful!!! But the most interesting thing I discovered while waiting for a bird to get on the peanut butter is someone was stealing my cookies!!! Bad cat!!!

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Sandy said...

ahahah, cookie stealing cat.

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