Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a great idea!!!

Thanks Cheryl for reading my blog. Although I must apoligize for not keeping it up on a daily basis. Sometimes they dailey things just get in the way. Lets see like working a full time job at the place that pays me. Then working here promoting my business and ordering supplies and dreaming of what I can sell this Spring. Awww......I love it!!!

Ten things I enjoy:

1. Spending my time with my fur babies and of course my husband
2.Looking into my dog Phoebes eyes.
                                      3.Rearranging all the inside flowers.
                                      4. Driving to different places locally.
                                      5. Watching TV while my husband does the dishes.
                                      6. Walking outside in the cold.
                                      7.Coming back into the house to the wood stove.
                                      8. Texing my grand daughter Hailey.
                                      9.  Listening to friends laugh on the phone.
                                     10. Life (I kept yours Cheryl That word says it all.)
Thank you for sending this to me!!!

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Cheryl said...

Hey, Your very welcome, I do enjoy your blog !

Thanks for including me!

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