Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow snow everywhere!!!

The snow aka blizzard we got reminded me of when I was a child. The only exception is I did not have to get to work in it. I was actually very scared to drive in it but I faced my fear and I did it. I had to stay one night at work. But the next day I came home. That is the day of the blizzard. Driving home was so weird. No one wason the roads. Well except me and thats when I knew I had lost my mind. But like a survivor I kept going and going. I had my camera but did not get andy pictures of that ride I was too busy watching the empty road and gripping the stearing wheel. Gesh I was a mess!! We are suppose to get more snow Monday boy I can't wait!!

Three of my babies were waiting fo rme to get home! My poor dog Phoebe was waiting for me too.  The mailman may never come here again!! Actually I have not seen a snow plow yet on our road. Wonder where they are? When we leave our driveway its one lane and very bumpy. (Where is Spring?)

I had to add a bird feeder on th eporch because I could not get to my regular feeders they were in 3 feet of snow!! To much work for me to go there. But we are all nice and warm. I am getting ready to relax for the evening. Hope everyone does the same thing. Will post more photos tomorrow!!


Cheryl said...

You do have alot of snow. We got 3 inches last night and didn't know what to do, 3 feet would close every thing down around here.

Be safe and stay warm!

Kritter Keeper said...

gosh, you poor thing! glad we missed it down here...i had to laugh at the gold tiger cat...his back is soo fat, just like my 'daddy cat'.

Sandy said...

Love the photo of your three babies waiting for you. That's a lot of snow!

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