Thursday, March 11, 2010

A time to plant.

Well for me its that time of year. My husband and I always start a cold frame filled with plants to sell at the Flea Market. Plus we keep a few for ourselves. We have several people that buy from us regularly now. So this will be my extra income when I retire from the job that pays me.

I started some Sweet Basil and Purple Basil in these pots. They are already starting to pop their heads thru the surface. I also put lavender, white sage and strawberries. Does anyone know how "small" strawberry seeds are? So I am very excited about them they are coming thru the soil too. Mt husband is always in charge of the veggies. I do not have the patience to plant them. He takes his time and drills holes with a pen and picks them out one by one and puts them in the holes.....oh my I am tired thinking about it. The "Diva" Cuck he planted is already to the top of the dome. So looks like some transplanting will be in order this weekend for him. Oh I just love Spring!! The end of my vacation is tomorrow. I return to work on Saturday! But that does not stop me from planting and playing!

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