Monday, March 8, 2010

What a busy time I have had!!!

The weather here in West Virginia has been so nice. Sunny and in the 60's so that brings me into a work outside mode. Which is what I have been doing. I have made a cold frame for my veggies and flowers. Getting ready for plant sales is a lot of work but so far I am not complaining! I love working with nature and love natural things. I have been on a roller coaster though and really hate when that happens. The roller coaster ride is because I really wish I was able to stop working at the job that pays me. But that is not feasable for several years. So enough about that. I am gratful I have a job and a little side business too. I feel for those that do not have job. I have got to get some pics in here of the cold frame and will do that real soon. It is suppose to rain on Thursday so maybe hten!! Well gotta go for now!! Take care world!!

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