Friday, March 5, 2010

Vacation from the place that pays me.

I am so glad to be off work. Although this has been a very busy couple of days. I have made 24 jars of face scrub for my sale along with 24 bottles of pillow spray. Yep been busy. My husband and I finally got out plants planted today. Well at least most of them. I have a few pics of this process but do not have the energy to look for my camera. Wanted to check in here and see how things are going. I was so excited today when I saw a "crocus" coming up at my front porch!! Yeeeeaaaaa........... hawwwww...... Spring is in the air!!

Opps I do have a picture.


Cheryl said...

Face scrub, I'm going to check that out. Hope you do great at the Flea Market!!

Have a wonderful week end!

Arlene said...

Thanks Cheryl

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