Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday all Day

Want to know why I say that? Because I have had a really peaceful day today and I love it! Things seemed to fall into place and that's really good!! I am preparing for my vacation in October!! I always take 2 weeks off to put my gardens to sleep for the winter. I went to the store today and bought 50 tulip bulbs! I am so excited!! I also went to the "As seen on TV Store" in the Mall and go me an auger that has been advertised!! Guess what? It works!!!! Yeah!!! I did not do the bulbs but I sure made a lot of hole in the gardens!! LOL!!! I will probably forget I did it and see the holes and cuss a squirrel or something for making them !!! Oh well such is my life!! I am sitting here with gloves on that are suppose to be good for arthritis so far they feel real good!! It heck getting old and things start wearing out. I went to the gym and walked 4 miles and did 15 pull ups!!! Gesh no wonder I am tierd!!! Well gotta go for today!!! Seems I have a very full schedule this week at the job that pays me!!! I actually work 5 days in a row!!! Yuck!!

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Callie said...

The bulbs should be lovely come Spring. Hope your hands feel better.

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